Top 3 global fork lift truck manufacturers
EMEA division with five manufacturing plants in UK, Netherlands and Italy
£500m turnover
3000 employees


  • Loss making business
  • Historic retail acquisitions not performing
  • Market share growth stalled


  • Sorted out top team within 90 days
  • Introduced sense of purpose across EMEA division to all 3,000 employees
  • Changed culture from ‘top down’ to involvement and empowerment
  • Divest retail division
  • Implemented differentiated brand strategy
  • Evolved business from central focus to customer facing


  • Turnaround losses of $20m to $1+ profit within three years
  • Turnaround EMEA market share decline to growth from 7.4% to 8.3%
  • Improved factory utilisation rate
  • Focussed energised workforce driving in one direction

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