When leaders get it wrong: Three steps for coping with mistakes in business (1/6/2016) - Mistakes are a part of life and of running a business.  Despite processes and strategies, it is important to remember that there will always be a risk of human error. When the inevitable happens, what really counts is not the mistake itself but the way in which the subsequent fall out is dealt with. Good […]
Taking down the walls can be the key to growth (9/26/2014) - One of the barriers to company progression and growth can be directors who are inaccessible to the staff and sometimes, even each other. Directors hiding away in their separate offices, rarely coming out to interact and find out what’s occurring on the ground is one of the behaviour traits I’ve seen time and time again […]
Empowerment is crucial in the quest to motivate, engage and retain employees (9/26/2014) - In my experience, empowerment has been the single key element in affecting culture change within an organisation. Once people feel empowered to make decisions, take responsibility for them and have the hierarchy removed which can dent their confidence and courage to come forward with new ideas, they can be a real asset to the business. […]
Why the value of customer service in business growth and success can’t be underestimated (9/24/2014) - Good customer service is fundamental for business growth and imperative in gaining that all-important competitive advantage. You only need to look to the high street to see household brands such as Apple, John Lewis and Marks & Spencer at the top of their game for this very reason. Good customer service should form the solid […]
Knowing your bankers from your obstructors (9/23/2014) - Through the business turnarounds I have instigated and been involved in, there have been some key concerns that crop up time and time again. Although every business is different in terms of the problems it faces, there are certain issues which are constant and my approach to turnaround in the first few days is quite […]
Presenting an alternative management structure to aid business turnaround (9/19/2014) - During my career I have experienced many different types of businesses and management structures and find it interesting how these can differ quite significantly from one business to another. I have been fortunate enough, in my role as CEO at Briggs Equipment, to have been in this role with full support from the chairman where […]
Identifying the business blind spot (9/16/2014) - In my experience of business turnaround, I have discovered that every struggling business has a blind spot of some sort. Spotting the mistakes that have been made and identifying why the business is failing is a task that needs fast action. An independent, unbiased approach is needed. The blind spot may have been missed or […]
The ultimate checklist to crack middle management concrete (9/1/2014) - It may come under different terms, but most people in the corporate world will recognise the group I dub as ‘middle management concrete’. These are people in middle management who are resistant to change in an organisation, perhaps for the reason that it disrupts their routines or because they’re approaching retirement and just want to […]
The culture change challenge is one worth taking (8/28/2014) - Having been involved in the turnaround of four loss-making businesses there is a common theme among them and that is culture change. It is a fundamental aspect, with power that should not be underestimated, and something I feature heavily in my turnaround strategy. Changing the mind-set of employees and getting them on board with new […]
The Seven C’s explained – and we’re not talking supplements (8/10/2014) - Anyone who knows me well will know exactly what I mean when I mention the Seven C’s in relation to business turnaround. It’s a tried and tested theory and one that has been a fundamental kingpin in my approach to culture change. So, I thought it would be a great one to share here in […]