Briggs Equipment UK Ltd

UK forklift truck distribution, leasing and maintenance business
£170m turnover
1200 employees


  • Acquisition of distressed business as beachhead to European growth strategy
  • £12m loss making business in year one
  • Dysfunctional and demoralised workforce
  • Alienated customer base
  • Fractious relationship with major suppliers


  • Sorted top team within 90 days
  • Removed the walls to all directors’ offices, creating an open plan. Cohesive environment and ‘walked the talk’ – visiting and speaking to ‘shop floor’ staff
  • Involved and empowered staff
  • Renegotiated supplier terms
  • Reduced working capital by 50%
  • Installed new ERP system in nine months
  • Chased down and acquired major competitor for asset value realising synergy savings in excess of £5m
  • Transformed business model from equipment sales to leasing and maintenance model
  • Reduced staff headcount by 50% over six years


  • Profits transformed from £12m loss to £10m profit in nine years
  • Significantly improved market position – now a top three UK player
  • Largest distributor in EMEA
  • Customer satisfaction rating increasing
  • Employee satisfaction increasing resulting in productivity improvements of in excess of 20%

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