Areas of expertise

Business turnaround

From identifying the business problems to finding the solutions and devising a plan to implement them, business turnaround involves many stages and the use of a variety of tried and tested tactics to bring the business not only back into the black, but make it successful and profitable once more.

Management/leadership guidance

Effective leadership is key to a successful business, providing the right foundation for an engaged and motivated workforce that can help drive the business forward. Sometimes, the management structure needs an overhaul, sometimes just a tweak; but either way, it can make the world of difference to an organisation which can flourish under the right leadership.

Business Consultant

Advice on a broad range of business issues, or focusing on specifics, the business consultancy service can help provide advice and guidance in the right areas to get a business back on track or advise the best course of action on communicating or executing important company developments.


Mergers and acquisitions are a specialist area benefiting from specialist advice. Ensuring short, mid and long term plans for the integration of employees, services, assets and technology systems are in place is vital.